Meet Dr. Graham

Joseph E. Graham, M.D. was born and raised in the St. Louis area.  Following strong surgical training at the University of Illinois and Wake Forest University  he returned to St. Louis.

Dr. Graham entered the private practice of Cardiac, Thoracic, And Vascular surgery in 1983.  Since the beginning the most impressive and the most intriguing part of the practice of  medicine for him has been the actual people he has treated as patients.  Graham actually has strong feelings for each of his patients and feels that this is the strongest asset  of his practice.  He likes to think of each patient as though they were a family member.  If it takes all night to stay up with the patient or their family that is what he does. If Dr. Graham or any member of his practice has a mission it is to place the patient first in all considerations.

Dr. Graham started Arterial and Cardiothoracic Surgery in 1990. As the name implies Dr. Graham not only performs heart surgery but also operates on all blood vessels in the body. He performs all aspects of lung surgery as well.

If there is a new technique that Dr. Graham feels will help his patients he becomes expertly trained in the procedure first and subsequently offers it to his patients.

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